Your community + our platform = #UnitingGamers

An online tech platform designed by gamers for gamers who belong to non-gaming communities.

We introduce, enable, and integrate gaming across any and all communities including; Municipalities, Colleges & Universities, Brick & Mortar, Social & Athletic, you name it - there's underserved gamers everywhere!

Not everyone can be a professional player, but that shouldn't stop an avid gamer from either their pursuit to be the best or their desire to compete alongside gamers in their pre-existing social communities. Traditional sports have had decades to build their Amateur system as: inclusive of all skill levels, providing a path to the top (scholarships, professional, etc), and credible communities for fans and players of the sport at-large.

It's time all gamers got the same love traditional sports have always had. Our platform is designed to revolutionize the entire eSports industry. Follow us and watch. Or better yet, bring gaming to your community and join the movement! #UnitingGamers